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About Us

G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds, a long-time member of the israeli diamond exchange, was established in 1990 by three brothers: Maimon, Gaby and Jacky Sasportas. Our commitment is to producing the highest quality diamonds using the most advanced machinery together with top production and quality-control standards.

We source the highest quality rough diamonds, and combine superb production at modern factories in Israel and China with our expert cutters and polishers who use state-of-the-art equipment. All manufactured diamonds undergo strict quality control that ensures the diamonds reach our demanding standards – and those of our customers.


Our family of employees receive ongoing high-level training to ensure that we always produce excellent diamonds; and having factories in Israel and China ensures that we have the ability to respond to requests from different parts of the world in real-time and deliver diamonds in line with the tightest timelines.

Over the past four decades, G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds has built a global reputation for integrity, top-level service, complete transparency and reliability with on-time delivery of superb polished gems manufactured precisely according to our customers’ demands.