Accurate and detailed planning is required to assess clients’ needs and to optimize the cutting and polishing of raw diamonds in order to meet them. This effort requires cutting-edge engineering programs, operated skillfully by experts with years of experience in precisely planning the polishing of gems for jewelry and watches.

G.M.G. Sasportas has taken this skill to industry-recognized levels of accomplishment, by identifying which stones suit each position on a professional sketch.


Detailed planning and accuracy ensure the perfect configurations, expressing the beauty of the stones as individuals and as a composition. This is also the secret to customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a large, very high-quality inventory, G.M.G. Sasportas is able to instantaneously address the specifications of nearly every project, as well as to provide large quantities of stones in bulk.

Sharing the customer’s proprietary discretion is part of the professional service offered by G.M.G Sasportas.