Our Diamonds

G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds has long been known for specializing in polished stones that are exactly calibrated for the demanding designs of leading Swiss watch makers and jewelry manufacturers in sizes from 1 point to half a carat.

These precisely cut fancy shape diamonds are created for our exacting clients who demand absolute precision. Our diamonds are used by leading watch and jewelry brands globally. And it is these diamonds that we are now making available to American consumers.


Our vast experience and ability to source a huge range of stones along with the factories that we own mean we can provide competitively priced diamonds in all fancy shapes and sizes.

We have the capacity to manufacture large numbers of diamonds so that we can supply everyone from the smallest to the very largest customers. We provide a wide range of polished goods: from individual stones to pairs, parcels, lines or programs where hundreds and thousands of diamonds are required. We can find and create whatever fancy shaped diamond is needed – particularly in the square shapes such as Baguette, Princess, Radiant, Asscher, Cushion, Taper, Marquise and Emerald – as well as Oval and Pear shapes.