At G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds, our highly personalized service business model is person-to-person based. We treat our clients as business partners because we care about what you do and your success.

We pride ourselves on our ability to move fast to provide you with precisely the diamonds you need. There is no such thing as a waiting list with G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds and we never take a client for granted. Service is at the heart of the way work.


We care about people and our customers and we are dedicated to supplying you with the kind of service that simply isn’t available elsewhere.

This means working with complete confidentiality and loyalty to our customers. You are assured of our total reliability and integrity as well as our consistently high service.

For G.M.G Sasportas Diamonds, supplying clients with the best-quality diamonds on time and exactly according to your requirements is not an optional extra, but a vital part of the way we work.